Review: FIGHTING LOVE by Abby Niles

Talk about kicking a fighter while he’s down.

Former Middleweight champion and confirmed bachelor Tommy "Lightning" Sparks has lost it all: his belt, his career, and now his home. After the devastating fire, he moves in with his drama-free best friend, Julie. One encounter changes everything and Julie is no longer the girl he’s spent his life protecting but a desirable woman he wants to take to his bed. Knowing his reputation, he’s determined to protect Julie more than ever—from himself.

Veterinarian Julie Rogers has been in love with Tommy since she was ten, but would love to get over the man. She’s quiet nights at home and a glass of wine. He’s clubbing all night and shots of tequila. As friends they work great. As a couple? No way in hell. She just can’t get her heart to agree. When she starts spending time with another fighter, the man who’s always treated her like a sister is suddenly not being very brotherly and enflames her body like never before.

Can two childhood friends make a relationship work, or will they lose everything because they stopped FIGHTING LOVE


I’m on the fence about this one. I didn’t read the first book in the series but I’ve been on a MMA kick lately and was excited to start this one. I liked but I didn’t think it was anything special. Both Julie and Tommy are likeable characters and their story was sweet but their story isn’t that unique. 

The two have been best friends since they were little. Julie has been in love with Tommy since she was ten, but Tommy has always viewed her as a little sister. That all changes though after he losses everything in a fire and moves in with her. After an encounter he finally sees her as the woman she is and doesn’t know how to handle his feelings. I liked his pov in the book and thought it was well written. It was nice to see why he acted the way he did but at times I wanted to slap the shit out of him for being so stupid. He frustrated the hell out of me. I felt like the struggle between the two of them was dragged out a little long. I was ready for a hea! 

I really liked Julie. It was nice to read about a strong female for once. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. I enjoyed her pov but like Tommy she also frustrated me a bit. I wanted her to get over herself and talk to Tommy about her issues. I felt like a lot of the angst between the two of them was done just for the drama and didn’t make the story any better. 

Overall, I enjoyed the book and thought it was a good quick read. The end was my favorite part. It made the book and almost made me bump up my stars to 4. If the other books go on sale in the series I will probably read them.


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