TB Reviews STORM WARNING by E. Lee & C. Quinn

Sometimes you don’t see the storm coming until it’s too late...

Severe Storm Warning Tip #1:
Be alert to changing weather conditions. Look for approaching storms.

Severe Storm Warning Tip #2:
If you see approaching storms or any of the danger signs, be prepared to take shelter immediately.

Severe Storm Warning Tip #3:
They may strike quickly, with little or no warning.

Situated just outside of Oklahoma City, Calumet County is divided into two drastically different communities: Hope’s Grove and Summit Bluffs. One is the small backward town where dirt roads lead the way to field parties and railroad tracks. And the other, a sprawling suburb where paved drives lead to the landscaped lawns of the wealthy and privileged.

For five teenagers smack in the middle of Tornado Alley, summer is heating up fast. The winds of change are blurring the invisible line that divides the rich and the rural.

One has a secret.
One has a crush.
One has been lying.
One will get caught.
And one might not make it out alive.

They’re from two different worlds…but one summer is about to change everything.
ARC provided by author. 


#TEAMHAYDEN. Just had to throw that out there right at the get-go.

STORM WARNING is the start to what I believe will be a stellar YA series, one that will draw in readers of all ages. It’s reminiscent of those angsty teen drama shows on the CW. I was hooked from the very beginning: I needed to know who was going to be with who, what would happen when secrets came out, and how they would deal with certain life problems.

STORM WARNING follows five teens over the summer in Oklahoma. You have Kyle, EJ, Coop, Hayden, and Cami. Kyle and EJ are brother and sister. Coop is Kyle’s best friend. And it just so happens, EJ has a crush on big brothers best friend. You can already see the drama forming can’t you? These three are the country crew from a small town. Then you have Cami and Hayden, who are from the other side of town; the rich, entitled side. These teens’ lives come together in ways I hadn’t anticipated, but I loved seeing how their different paths intertwined.

“Everything isn’t black and white, rich and rural, us and them.”

We get to know the gang through their individual POVs. E. Lee and C. Quinn did an excellent job writing five different perspectives. Never once did it become confusing. I got to know each character very well, while maintaining connection to the others at the same time. With different POVs, we get to know all the problems in each individual’s life as well as see them grow throughout the story.

“Reminds me that I’m alive….That I won’t always be stuck in the same place, won’t be the same person forever.”

I love all these great characters. Kyle, EJ, Coop, Hayden, and Cami each have something different to add to the story and make it relatable is some shape or form. I rooted for each of them at some point, I just happened to root for Hayden the most.

E. Lee and C. Quinn have written an angsty and emotional story full of summer love and heartbreak and growing up. It’s written flawlessly. These authors’ writing styles work perfectly together. I am now waiting on the edge of my seat for more of this series! I need to know what’s to come for these characters that I have grown to love!

“But if he’d learned anything growing up in Oklahoma, it was that sometimes it didn’t matter how many warnings you had. Sometimes you still couldn’t see the storm coming until it was too late.”



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