Review: ONE SIMPLE STEP by CA Williams

The Journey series continues with Book # 3. (can also be read as a stand-alone) Chase and Leah have their happily ever after and Ally believed she did too. But one day flips her whole world upside down and leaves her starting all over again. With a fresh slate, she’s determined to do something with her life and get back to her old carefree self that had disappeared over the years without her even realizing. Her journey is a bumpy one, but eventually life comes full circle. They say every bad ending is a new beginning, but will it be for Ally?


When Ally decides to surprise her husband, Teddy (frontman of the band Major Hoosiers) with an early visit on his concert tour, she had no idea it would change the course of their lives.  Ally thought she had the perfect life until she stepped on to that tour bus and her world was turned upside down.  Ally shows up on her friend, Rem's doorstep to start over with a fresh slate in a new city.  When Ally starts looking for a job she interviews with Nick at the local resort.  Nick is no stranger to heartbreak - his longtime girlfriend has left him devastated as well.  Yet there is an undeniable connection between the two.  The question is - will Ally take the leap for a new life or go back to her husband?

"I just had to keep living to make myself happy, and eventually things would work out." - Ally

This was a quick and sweet read about two people finding each other and healing their hearts. Both characters feel hurt and betrayed by their past loves.  Yet together Ally and Nick give each other a sense of contentment and happiness.  Throw in complications from both of their pasts and the novel takes shape.  The story advanced swiftly and the tension is resolved very quickly.  I felt that some of the emotions seemed a little muted and some reactions were toned down.   But, overall it was a nice romance that made hearts happy and the epilogue was adorable.

"If someone had told me this is what my life would be like one year ago, I would've never believed them, but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world." -Ally

One Simple Step is book #3 in the Journey series by CA Williams but it can be read as a standalone.  With this gorgeous cover you can't help but want to pick it up!  3.5 stars for One Simple Step!


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