Review: BREATHLESS by Rachel Brookes

One look from Savannah Rae was all it took for Tate Connors to fall.

From the first moment he laid eyes on her, his world was irrevocably shaken. He’s willing to accept that his life will never be the same again, but when she has to leave for New York the distance becomes more than either of them expected.

Tate is left alone with not only an empty bed but also a thousand thoughts running through his head. Insecurities soar as he wonders if he could ever really be the kind of man Savannah deserves.

When the demons of his past continue to threaten the future he so desperately craves, Tate knows he has to make the ultimate choice. Risk destroying his relationship and his family with one life changing decision, or gamble on fate and hope the past stays exactly that…the past.
ARC provided by author.  


In the first book Just Breathe, we met Tate and Savannah. Savannah had lost her parents at a young age and was ready for a new start in life. She had just moved to the states from Australia to start a new job. Tate was the typical manwhore and the twin of Savannah’s new co-worker, Tanzi.

In Breathless, we get inside Tate’s head and get his POV. Like I always say, it’s always good to know what a man is thinking or is it? From the time their eyes locked the first time they saw each other, Tate knew he had to have her. He knew he wanted her in his bed and she was his next challenge. 

Little did he know she ended up being a lot more than a challenge. She would be the ‘one’ to rock his world and he would never be the same. He actually started having feelings for a woman and that is something that he had never felt before. Even though he may be cocky and a real idiot at times, he was broken inside. His mom was left to raise him and Tanzi from a young age and his insecurities really surfaced. But no matter what he did, he couldn’t get Sav out of his mind.

I must say Tate became a changed man and I was really impressed with the lengths he would go to to be with Sav. But, don’t get me wrong, he was still a major idiot who still needed to be put in his place at times and she was the one to do it. She stood up to him and challenged him in more ways than he knew possible. This was not an easy road for them both but the way they came together was amazing. I loved being inside his head, seeing him pretty much ‘whipped’ by her and seeing how much they both grew in their relationship.

“You are everything to me, Sav, and if it takes me until my last breath, I will prove to you what you mean to me.” – Tate

At times I was angry with him, but in the end, I was swooning. Their relationship is also jeopardized by something from Tate’s past and will leave you wondering if it’s ever going to be the same. I give this 4.5 stars and I am really anxious to get more of this story and hopefully SOON!!!


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