Review: TWISTED by N.L. Greene

Growing up isn’t always easy. But for most teenage girls, they can rely on their best friend to help them get through the process. A BFF is something that is truly treasured and completely irreplaceable. You share all of your secrets, and are loyal and honest with each other, even when you’re acting just a little bit crazy. You have each other’s backs no matter what and you form a bond that is virtually unbreakable.

At least that’s what normal teenage girls experience.

Nat and Mel have been bestie’s since childhood and Nat has followed her blindly ever since. But as Nat’s friendship with Mel begins to lead her down the wrong path, she starts to question the sincerity of their relationship. Nat starts to see Mel’s manipulative, deceitful ways become more focused on her. Will Natalie hold on tight to the friendship she’s had her entire life, no matter what it cost her? Or will she let her heart lead her to a relationship that’s not so twisted.

***Attention*** This book is recommended for mature readers. It contains underage drinking, drug use and sexual content. Thank you!


What a rollercoaster this was!!  All I can say is that if you ever have a friend like this, RUN!!  This book is one of those that if I could have pulled Mel out of this book, I would have beat her to death, lol.

Natalie became friends with Melanie when Melanie started school with Nat in fourth grade.  In the beginning I thought, oh how sweet this story of friendship is.  But, quickly my feelings changed.  Mel began to manipulate Nat in the simplest ways at first.  The little things that no one seemed to notice and Nat was so oblivious.  She thought Mel was looking out for her best interests, even when she was caught kissing guys Nat liked. 

As they got older and things escalated, Nat was warned by everyone how she needed to break her ties with Mel and be her own person.  She was always in the shadows of Mel and never thought she would do anything to hurt her.  Soon came drugs and sex and Nat’s behavior got worse.  She was no longer the straight laced girl with good grades. 

Mel really had Nat hooked, everything from telling her she was ugly to fat and that no boy could ever like her.  I was so mad at Mel and just wanted to slap her.  So anyway, back to the story.  While partying at Mel’s, Nat meets Miguel.  Sweet and sexy Miguel.  He quickly noticed how Mel treats Nat and does everything he can to keep her away from her.  But, when things escalate and Nat gets in deep, Miguel comes to the rescue.  He’s head over heels in love with her and what a sweetheart!! 

“I love you, sweetheart.  I think I have from the first time I laid eyes on you.” – Miguel

This book will leave you reeling and had me so furious with how Nat was treated.  I was so frustrated but I just couldn’t put it down.  I had a mixture of emotions and really wanted Mel to get what she had coming to her.  I am torn between a 4 to 4.5 stars so I guess you will just have to read it and find out for yourself!!


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