Review: OFF THE MARKET by Magan Vernon

Etta Davis didn't have showing a house penciled into her Christmas plans, but with the other realtors already off enjoying their holiday, she'd been stuck with the task. It wasn't all bad though, the house up for grabs used to belong to the family of her high school sweetheart, Andrew Lawson. Though now dilapidated, thanks to its current owners, it still held the power to bring back forgotten memories and turn the routine showing into something else entirely. Particularly when Andrew shows up, wanting to buy the house. Now Etta must decide whether a second chance is worth taking the house, and her heart, off the market.

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I love Christmas time and I love when all the Christmas books start making their way onto the shelves. If you're looking for a quick read I would suggest the 12 NA's of Christmas. Off the Market is the first of these novellas I picked up and I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to read the others. This is the first time I read anything by Megan Vernon. I really enjoyed her writing style and looking forward to adding more of her work to myTBR pile. 

This is a cute story about lovers reuniting. Etta Davis is home after leaving college when her father has a heart attack. She has given up on her education to be closer to home and is now selling real estate. Her life is less than exciting, so when a colleague asks her to show a house on Christmas Eve she has nothing standing in her way. The kicker is, it’s the house of her ex-boyfriend Andrew Lawson. Pulling into the drive way stirs up feelings she hasn't felt in a long time. I felt so sorry for her because she seems so lonely and unhappy. Things get even more awkward when it is Andrew coming to see the house. The two of them didn’t leave off on the best terms. She went away to school and he wanted her to stay. The relationship ended because of this and not because they fell out of love. Now that they are standing in front of one another is there another chance? 

Etta and Andrew were both likeable characters and I wanted them to get their happily ever after and work things out. This is just a short novella so it is a quick read. I would have liked more time to fall in love with the characters. Even though there is enough of a backstory I wish the timeline would have been a little clearer. I wasn’t sure how many years it had been and what exactly their ages were. I thought it was really sweet though, and I love when soul mates make their way back to one another. It just left me wanting more. 

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