Review: CHRISTMAS CATCH by Chelsea M. Cameron


Two years ago, when Ivy Emerson bailed from the tiny fishing village she’d grown up in to go to Columbia, Sawyer McCallister was the only thing she was sad to leave behind, and she still didn’t look back. But when her mother guilts her into coming home for Christmas, she crashes headfirst into Sawyer, who’s also returned after being away.

Now that they’ve both been dragged back to Saltwater, Maine, they might just realize it’s where they belong. Together. 





Ivy Emerson grew up in a small tiny fishing village in Maine and she couldn't wait to leave.  After graduating as the valedictorian of her 10 classmates she packed up and left behind her family and her boyfriend for Columbia University. Two years later her overbearing Mother begs her to come home for the holidays where she ends up running back into her first love, Sawyer McCallister. Will the holiday joy convince Ivy that home is where the heart is?

Ivy is definitely torn.  She loves going to school at Columbia but she misses her family and her small town (even if she won't admit it to herself).  She also misses Sawyer (which she also won't admit to herself).  He is her one and only love.  He hasn't forgotten her or how much he loved her. It was just so sweet to read about Ivy and Sawyer reconnect with their past via their inside jokes and memories. They were two peas in a pod growing up and the two years apart hasn't changed them much.  They still fit together like a glove.  There was just enough laughter and love to balance them out. 

I love Christmas stories.  For some reason, books about the holidays just warm my heart.  Big family get togethers and traditions are so uplifting.  Ivy's family was a joy to read about.  They were fun, quirky, and loving.  The small town antics and matchmaking between the families was hilarious.  I loved the little nuances of the small town fishing village, too.   The story was touching and heartfelt.  It was warm and cozy.  The perfect read for a cold winter's day in front of the fire place!  4 Stars for Christmas Catch! Enjoy!

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