Review: THE SOUND OF SHOOTING STARS by Heather Allen

Jamie Grey grew up tossed around between foster homes. At an early age he shut the world out, deciding he wouldn’t care. Whatever life had to throw at him, he would look the other way. Now his senior year is about to start and he’s been forced into yet another new home. This will be the last time, he assures himself. When an unexpected curveball comes his way in the form of a certain stubborn seventeen year old girl, Jamie soon finds out that life doesn’t always work out the way you plan it.

Beckett Chase has been entitled her entire life. Living in the plush landscape of Palm Beach, Florida, she’s never wanted for anything. She’s always taken what and who she wants with no remorse. When she sets her sights on Jamie Grey and she’s met with rejection, her descent from the top begins.

With a twist of events causing Jamie and Beckett’s worlds to collide, will they be able to put aside their differences or will fate intervene offering an entirely different option?


Jamie Grey has been moved around in the foster care system from an early age. He is very close to his 18th birthday and just passing the time until he will be free to live his life on his own. Fate has something else in mind. When his current foster home becomes a problem he is moved yet again. His social worker pulls some strings to get him into the very nice home of a personal friend for the remainder of his time in the system. He is surly at best about the situation and moving again. On the outside Jamie looks and acts like a badass. He doesn't exactly believe in happily ever after with families or relationships. He certainly doesn't expect to walk in and find the new family has a daughter his age. Beckett Chase has an attitude to match Jamie's step by step. She has lived a life of privilege - private schools and the best money can buy. She certainly doesn't want Jamie coming in and disturbing her life at home or at school.... at first.

This was a sweet book about two characters who each had a bad reputation that was entirely false. They were perfect examples of not judging a book by it's cover. I really felt heartbroken for Jamie who was given the rotten end of the deal in life. Yet he persevered through the adversity. He was such a noble character in many ways - I just couldn't help but love him. It's truly a miracle that he became such a knight even after everything he was put through.

Beckett was quite an enigma. She kept her feelings close to her chest and it took me a little while to figure out her secrets. In some ways she had the rotten end of the deal because of the lifestyle and influences of her friends giving her a bad reputation that was not deserved. In order to find herself she had to face social alienation which was admirable.

In the end I really loved these characters together and how they healed each other. The alternating points of view helped me to understand where each of the characters were coming from and connect with them. They each risked everything to be together and I absolutely loved that. It was great to see Jamie get the family and love he deserved as well as Beckett finding someone who loved her for who she was on the inside.

4 shooting stars for this book by Heather Allen!



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