Review: UNEXPECTED PROTECTOR by Sloan Johnson

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Everyone makes mistakes in life. Unfortunately, Holly Richards has become an expert at taking the wrong path in life. This time, she may have gone so far that she has alienated the one person who has always been there for her. Will she be able to make the right decision for once in her life?
Tommy Reed’s world shifted the night he found Holly Richards lying in a pool of blood on the ground. For reasons he can’t explain, he feels the need to protect Holly from her own past. In the process, he’s hoping to also teach her that there is more to D/s than releasing pent up emotions. Life isn’t easy for the former-junkie and the cop. Some of those closest to Tommy are less than thrilled with his devotion to Holly. Those who pressured Holly into her former life are worried she’ll share what she knows. Is there any way for both of them to come away from the situation unscathed?   
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Unexpected Protector is book two in the Isthmus Alliance series. My usual disclaimer is this: I don’t give spoilers to the book I am reviewing, but it is virtually impossible for me NOT to give spoilers to the first book in the series, Unexpected Angel. Unexpected Angel was an awesome book, so if you haven’t read it yet, just stop reading this review, because I guarantee, I’m going to ruin it for you. Go buy it, read it, THEN come back and read the review. If you have read Unexpected Angel, read ahead for my awesome review of Unexpected Protector. 

We met the main characters Holly and Tommy in Unexpected Angel. Tommy was Dylan’s friend who helped him with advice and other friendly/Dom duties. He is a police officer who was there to protect Dylan’s lady, Tasha, when she needed help. Holly is Tasha’s best friend, who has a history of drug use. Her bad choices led up to a bad decision that left her in a coma after betraying her best friend, Tasha. 

For some reason, Tommy feels a connection to Holly, and is locked to her bedside, and determined to help her recover, not only on physically, but emotionally as well. Holly is truly damaged. Years of drug abuse, and the issues that led her there has left her a total mess. Tommy is a natural born Dom, and while Holly had been playing at D/s, she had also been playing on the Domme side. While this book does focus on BDSM, I think it does a good job of focusing on the emotional aspects as much as the physical. 

There are some other surprises thrown into the mix that leave you holding your breath and saying WHAT? At this point, I have to say it... Sloan Johnson did something here that I usually hate. I’ll admit it, when I got to the end of the book, I wanted to find her, bitch slap her, then hold her gently as I wiped away the boo boo. She left one hell of a cliff hanger. How could you do this to me??? Why? WHYYYYY? Ok, I got it all out. 

It was really hard to deal with for a few minutes. I did PM the person that asked me to read and review the book, and yell at her. Then I waited a day to write the review, and I kind of got over it. On a scale of 1-10, I rate this cliff as a 7. It was pretty intense. But really, life goes on. Or DOES it???? 

I’m giving it 4 stars!


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