Review: 99 DAYS OF LANEY MACQUIRE by Rachel Bateman

Laney can’t wait to spend the summer at her father’s lake resort. It’s a place where time stands still and nothing ever changes – the perfect thing for Laney after the year she just had. But when she gets there, she discovers the lodge isn’t quite as unchanging as she once thought.

Some of the differences are good, like Rory’s new look; some are bad, like whatever secret Karissa is keeping. And then some things are just confusing, like Weston.

Weston, her mysterious new co-worker, who is the cause of so many of the changes Laney hates. She wants to despise him, but she can’t deny the attraction she feels, nor the desire she has to be around the one person who didn’t know her before the summer - the one person she doesn’t have to pretend for.


Laney is a seventeen-year-old recent high school graduate. During the summers, she has enjoyed escaping to see the man she met five years ago—her father. This year, she isn’t only escaping the daily grind of your average teenager, though. 

There is a secret she’s keeping, and it weighs heavily on her, the kind of thing that causes a girl to need to wear a cuff around her wrist to cover up the lasting effects. It has caused a strain between her and her mother, who has insisted she calls twice a week while she spends her summer working for her father at the resort he owns. Her mother, a relationship counselor, who has been married and divorced numerous times and is working on husband number six. 

The best part of going to work for her father is being with her two best friends, Rory and Karissa, and spending time with her horse, Epona. But things have changed. Rory is no longer so boyish and is way more confident, and Karissa seems to be hiding something, much like Laney. I love the interaction of these three, even when the moments are not so nice. They fight and things are severely tense with them throughout a lot of the book. I feel so bad for Rory, he seems so distraught trying to care for these two girls who are like ticking time bombs. His love for them both is apparent and he might be my favorite character in the whole book.

And then there is Weston, the rich college boy mysteriously helping out at the lodge, who drives Laney crazy in more ways than one. His presence unnerves her and she doesn’t understand why her father won’t tell her the real reason Weston is around. More secrets, this book was filled with them. 

“99 Days of Laney MacGuire” was nothing like I expected. I thought it would mostly be an angstfest, a torn between two boys for the summer type of book. I am not saying there wasn’t any of that, just that the main focus of this book ran a lot deeper than who is she going to end up with, or will they or won’t they. 

This story was about learning to deal with the actions of others, knowing when to accept help and when to give it out, and learning how to be a better friend. I love this book; it was sad at times and beautiful at others. The writing flowed nicely and I loved the way the author described the pain and shame our heroine lives under, and the calm and peace she feels when she branches out. 

This was a 4.5 star read for me and I look forward to reading anything else this author has to offer.


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