Review: NOT ALONE by Amber Nation

Emmalynne Morgan thought that getting married to her High School sweetheart and starting a family was all she wanted in life. Everything was perfect until circumstances change and devastating blows occur.

Fast forward five years, Emmalynne thinks she is broken, not only emotionally but physically as well, so her confidence was severely lacking. Being a single mother to her son, Tucker, as well as an owner of a small town Bookstore, she does everything she can to keep men at arms-length, not thinking she is worthy anymore with her plus-sized body and scars.

Taking it upon themselves, Emmalynne's best friends, Toby and Tessa make it their mission to bring her out of her tight-knitted comfort zone. That is when she locks eyes on the male perfection that is Grady.

Grady Finnegan was the gorgeous new guy in town. Recently injured and discharged from the Army, Grady comes to his Uncle’s aid in helping manage the family bar. Not being anywhere near innocent when it comes to women, Grady meets Emmalynne and he knows one thing, that he wants her.

Sparks fly and passion ignites, but will that be enough? Not ready to lay her heart on the line, Emmalynne guards it as best she can and ultimately fails. When chaos erupts and Grady's past comes back to haunt him, it leaves Emmalynne's already broken heart, shattered.

Will past circumstances prevent Emmalynne from having the future she deserves? Or can Grady help her follow her heart and show her that she is Not Alone.


Not Alone is the story of Emmalynne who deals with love, loss, and starting over.  This is a book that tugged at my heart because I really felt bad for everything this poor woman had to deal with.

Emmalynne thought she had the perfect life.  She was married to her high school sweetheart, Bryce, who was certainly not an easy man to live with.  When tragedy strikes, she is forced to raise their four year old son Tucker.

So fast forward five years and Emmalynne has her own life but yet she deals with everyday struggles.  She is so self-conscious of her appearance and not only hides behind her physical scars but has a lot of emotional scars as well.

When her friends decide to help pull her out of her slump, here comes Grady into the picture.   Brady is from New York who has come to Georgia to help run his uncle’s bar.  He has his own scars to deal with.  He is former military who was injured and heartbroken all at the same time.

Between the two of them being so lost within themselves, they try to mend one another as well.  Emmalynne soon has feelings that she never thought she would have again, but can she trust Grady not to break her heart?  Or Tucker’s?

“I just wanted to thank you for making me realize that I’m not alone anymore.  I’ve been alone for far too long, and it’s nice to feel wanted and loved.” – Emmalynne

Grady is one hot hunk of a man and you can tell he has been beaten down in life and the things they have to go through to be together really pulled at my emotions.  He is trying to protect his heart but knows he wants her.

“My love for you is endless, more than breathing, it is absolute necessity.” – Grady

I am really impressed with how this all unfolded and is not your typical love story.  I am one of the first admit that I don’t find books with parents too appealing but Amber really made this work for me.  I give it 4 stars and highly recommend this book.  You won’t be disappointed.


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