Review: Desire Renewed (Happily Bedded Bliss) by Jenna Allen

The daring lives of husbands and wives.
Erotic romance novelist Cassie is frustrated. Ever since her books started coming out her husband has no interest in sex. With the help of a book of weekly fantasies she's trying to turn his head, but he seems unaffected. But Cassie will let nothing keep her from saving her marriage. Not the lack of a babysitter for date night, her own inhibitions, or Miss Perky Tits.


Normally I stay away from novellas. Typically I enjoy longer novels where you can get sucked into the story. For some reason I thought that less than a hundred pages wasn't worth my money. Boy I have I been wrong! Recently I read a novella that blew my mind and opened up a whole another world for me! I was reminded that just because a book is long doesn't make it good. If a novella is written correctly it can make a big impact on you and worse case scenario you have only spent a hour or so reading something that didn't work out for you. So when I was asked to read Desire Renewed I jumped at the chance hoping that this one was also going to be good.

It is about three neighbors but centers around erotica romance novelist Cassie. Like so many married women she is looking to spice up her sex life. I related most to her character because come on if you have been married for any length of time it is a given that your sex life is going to deflate a little bit especially after children. You know it's true, I just can't be talking about myself here. Most of us have been through it and done our best to change it. I loved the way she approaches her husband and what she learns from the experience. I'll be sure to pick up other novellas by Jenna Allen and I may even use one of them to help spice up my bedroom!


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