Review: WILLING CAPTIVE by Belle Aurora

Delilah “Lily” Flynn is used to her drab existence. Lily’s been living it for twenty two years. Her boring life is suddenly turned on its head when she’s rudely kidnapped from her bedroom. Or so she thinks. Nox Taylor is far too high up in his field to be assigned a babysitting job. There’s nothing more he wants than to complete his mission so he can be rid of the smartass tomboy, Lily. Day after day, Nox watches Lily and her strange ways. She’s unlike any woman he’s ever met. Getting close to the girl is purely for her own protection…right? Lily never imagined she’d make her first real friends in captivity. What lengths would she go through to keep them? (Author note: This is NOT a dark romance.)

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Lily Flynn has been living a sheltered life for the last 22 years, but nothing could've prepared her for the excitement that comes with being "kidnapped" by a new (unknown to her) security detail for her own safety!  Nox Taylor wants nothing more than to neutralize the threat against Lily and return her home safely.  He's not a babysitter and he doesn't have time for the trouble this spitfire is already causing him.

Lily ends up at a safe house while the security detail tries to solve and eliminate her death threats. Day after day she spends her time reading while observing and sparring with Nox and his co-workers. Lily is feisty and doesn't back down without a fight.  Nox made a great alpha male - he reminded me of a great Kristen Ashley character.  He was dominant, cocky, and also unbelievably sweet.

This delightful novel had me laughing from the very first chapter. I had no idea that such serious topics could be down right hilarious!  I loved every minute and every word of this book.  Lily and Nox have a slow and silent kind of love.  A love that sneaks up on you... it's all the little things that add up and make them fall in love.  It's love that comes from witnessing kind words, actions, and thoughts.  Love that comes from daily interactions over time.  I love these types of stories.. they seem so realistic. It felt like a natural kind of love - you know if getting kidnapped, finding out you are in imminent danger, and falling in love with your bodyguard is natural kind of way, LOL!  Seriously though, these two characters are two peas in a pod and they fit together perfectly.  They were sweet, lovable, and bottom line hilarious!  What a joy it was to ride this roller coaster of suspense and laughs!

Belle Aurora brings her trademark wit to this fabulous story of kidnapping, death threats, masks, safe houses, defense training, mystery, passion, and eventually love.  I gave it 5 brilliant stars!

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