Review: REPAIR ME by Jennifer Foor

Sky's whole world is turned upside down when she catches her long-time boyfriend cheating. Depressed over the breakup, she decides to drive to the beach to spend time with her friends and drown her sorrows in hot guys and fruity drinks. The only problem with her plan is her piece-of-junk car. It breaks down halfway into her trip, in the middle of nowhere—a place where cell phone towers don't even exist.
Ford's life has changed drastically in the past year, and he spends his days working at his family's run-down auto repair shop. When his father tells him to go rescue a stranded traveler, he soon finds himself with a hot opportunity to forget about what ruined his life, even if it's only for one night.
With sexy chemistry between them, Sky and Ford agree to a one-night stand, to let go of what each of them are running from and enjoy each other with no strings attached. But as their heated night progresses, they both know that one night is never going to be enough. What happens when one night turns into two? And two turns into three? Can two people, who know nothing about each other, really fall in love?
Or is lust just playing with their torn hearts?

Adult 18+ Explicit Sexual Content *****

ARC provided by author.


Oh it pains me to write this but I didn’t love Repair Me. This is the first book by Jennifer Foor that I didn’t love. I’m a huge fan and have read almost all of the Mitchell Family Series plus a few others. It had so much potential but I found myself skimming some parts just to finish. My problem with the book was that I felt like there was way too much sex and it overshadowed the plot. I wanted more of the story and to be able connect with the characters outside of the bedroom. I am in no ways a prude, I love erotica and love great sex in a book but I also love a great story along with the sex. The sex was hot and the chemistry between Sky and Ford was scorching. I just wish a few of the sex scenes would have been changed to show more interaction between the two. This book had potential to be great. I did really like it, I just didn’t love it. 

The beginning was my favorite part of the book. I liked the background story, although it wasn’t original, the way the two meet was. Sky is devastated after finding out her boyfriend of several years has cheated on her. She is running off to the beach to meet friends when she has car trouble in the middle of nowhere and meets Ford. Ford is a hot country boy who has sacrificed so much for his family, always putting himself last. My first impression of Ford was that he was a cocky man-whore. He was such an ass in the beginning that I’m surprised that Sky would even give him the time of day. He was hot and all but the way he pursued Sky made her seem weak for giving in. They both have some dark issues in their lives and both need an escape. The idea is for the two to spend the night together to forget and then move on with their lives. Plans don’t always work out though.

After the two spend a few days together it is obvious that they have a connection worth taking a chance on. Life gets in the way though as well as an ex that isn’t very excited about their new relationship. It starts to feel like the world is against them. I really enjoyed the drama in this book. One thing about Jennifer Foor is that she isn't afraid to take chances and she always comes up with some great drama in her books. Repair Me didn’t disappoint. The drama was there but like I said earlier I wanted more development with it. I wanted to really get into it and feel like I was part of the story. I felt like an outsider while reading this one. I felt like the story was told rather than really feeling it. I will definitely be picking up the second book in the series. Although I didn’t love Repair Me, I would still consider it a good read. 


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