Review: CONSUMED by Skyla Madi

Olivia James has never been one to walk on the wild side, at least not until she meets Seth Marc—a cocky, sexy fighter at her father’s gym. He’s infuriating, nauseatingly addictive and she just can’t seem to shake him. He’s only been in town a short while and his name is already on everyone’s lips. He's the kind of guy moms’ warn their daughters about—the kind that leaves a trail of shattered hearts behind him and he has Olivia in his sights.

Olivia has never met anyone as confusing as Seth and his hot and cold attitude constantly sends her reeling. She’s never wanted anyone’s touch so badly in her life, but having recently come out of a long term relationship diving into another is something she'd prefer to avoid.

Determined for his touch, but not to let him under her skin, Olivia embarks on the most thrilling ride of her life
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Angela Says: Since this is the first review I have done with Lives and Breathes, there is something you should know about me….I hate reviewing the synopsis again. I mean, didn’t we JUST post that? Look right above this. Yep, there it is. So unless the author left out some glaring details, I just jump right into what I think about the book. So, unless you have short term memory loss, similar to Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates, we should be fine. If you DO have short-term memory loss, I could be talking about squirrels, so it doesn’t really matter, right? Oh, also, SQUIRREL!!

So, raise your hand if you have read a dozen amateur fighter novels in the past year! Me too! But I can’t stop. I jumped at the chance to read this one. It had mixed reviews from my friends, but I still wanted to read it. Mostly to prove my friends that said it was a stinker, wrong. You know, the ones that say, “Hey, I think this milk is bad, can you taste it for me”? So, I tasted it.

I admit to having mixed feelings on it. I liked Olivia. She was really broken by her ex-boyfriend Blade (Oh my gosh, his name is Blade. I don’t even remember how the author described him, but every time he showed up in the book, I pictured Wesley Snipes, fighting vampires in his long trench coat!) who was a cheating bastard. Then Seth shows up, with his dangerous good looks and irresistible charm.  I had a HUGE problem with the way he treated her, though. He claimed she was too good for him, but he had NO problem treating her badly. He would pull her close, and then push her away. He treated her like one of those little paddle ball games my kids get for Christmas every year—the ones with a rubber ball attached to a string. It was like getting whiplash.

I DID really like Mason, Olivia’s boss. He seemed to really care about her, and he had been looking out for her well being when she was with Blade. There is more to that story that you’ll have to read about. There are also, of course, friends of Olivia and Seth’s, and Olivia’s family is heavily involved, which added a nice aspect to the story. I did feel like the story wasn’t really wrapped up, its ending left some room for another story, either another book for Seth and Olivia or for Selena, Olivia’s best friend, and Jackson, Seth’s friend and business associate. I wouldn’t really be interested in buying either of these stories, but I WOULD buy Mason’s story.

Lea, what is your take on Consumed?

Lea Says: I actually agree with almost everything above, so I won’t rehash most of it. Now, I had heard nothing about this book whatsoever. I only knew it was about a fighter, and I have a soft spot for badass ruffians—well, of the violent but not criminal persuasion…actually, that isn’t entirely true either. 
The thing is, I liked Olivia enough but she kind of annoyed me a little. She was a bit wishy-washy. I actually loved her slutty friend, Selena, though. She says (and does) funny and inappropriate things throughout the book, but one wise adage she spouted, “We don’t all live on a narrow path, you know. Some of us like to explore the surroundings,” perfectly summed up the pair of friends. Selena was anything but traveling the straight and narrow. 

I do not agree on Angela’s assessment of Mason. He seemed slimy and desperate to me, not at all protective and caring. The way he kept pressuring her for—well, lets just say I thought he was pushy and completely inappropriate.
I also felt that Seth could have been a little less on the touch and go side, although I found him sexy enough but that could just be a natural reaction I have to MMA fighters, at least the fictional ones—and GSP.

The writing was very descriptive, which I appreciate so much. There were some super sexy scenes,(one locker room scene was by far my favorite) and also very sweet ones. I love the bad boy turned softy for the ‘one’ routine, and Seth didn’t disappoint…well, there were a couple of times he made my jaw drop and not in a happy way, but overall I liked him.

However, the story kind of dragged for me, and it felt a little familiar, as well. There was, however, enough angst and sexual tension to keep me afloat throughout, and a little heartbreak, too. I felt there was a huge build up towards something happening but found the ending anticlimactic and slightly predictable.

Angela Says: Lea, I agree on the story dragging out. It was really long, and there seemed to be a lot of what I call “filler material.” There was a lot of contact with her ex, a lot of Seth’s back story, and even some of Selena’s story thrown in there. I’m not sure I agree with you on the sexual tension part. I can’t help but compare this book to Real by Katy Evans. That book was FULL of sexual tension from almost the first page. This book fell short of the sexual tension mark for me.

Look at me, being all Negative Nancy. It just seemed to take Seth a long time to, er, ‘man up’ so to speak. 

Once Seth finally gave in and decided he wasn’t too damaged for Olivia, there were some REALLY hot love scenes. That one particular scene in the locker room before a huge fight that might have singed my eyeballs a little bit

Overall, I guess I’d give this book four stars. I was rolling along at a solid three stars, but the author managed to throw in a pretty emotional roller coaster ride toward the end that really moved me. That is all I’ll say in the interest of spoilers, but it takes a LOT to make me cry, and I was crying like a baby for a while. Yes, there are a ton of MMA/Amateur fighter stories out there, but go ahead, you know you want to read this one...taste the milk, it isn’t bad. I don’t regret drinking it!


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