Review So Much It Hurts by Melanie Dawn


Wow, where to even start with this review.  This is one of those rare books that pulled me in and kept me hooked.  It is so nice to have something very different and unexpected. 

Kaitlyn is married to Michael and mom of Eli.  She feels like she is in a dull routine with her life, so when her friends get her away for a girls’ weekend, she gets a blast from her past and runs into an old flame.  And what a flame he is!!

                                                “You are as amazing as I remember.” - Chris

Kaitlyn fell in love with Chris in high school.  She was abused by her boyfriend, Trevor, and Chris was always there to help her.  Chris was the new guy in school and Kaitlyn just couldn’t deny her feelings for Chris, no matter what she did.  Chris is sexy and a true bad boy!!  So, in trying to protect her, he is forced to leave school and Kaitlyn is left with a rollercoaster of emotions, heartbreak and loss.

When Kaitlyn and Chris meet again, the old spark is still there.  She is so torn between the love for her family and what she realizes she still feels for Chris.  Chris knows he wants a second chance at what they lost, but he knows she is happy with her life.

“You just completely overwhelmed me.  You overwhelmed my thoughts-my dreams.  It was like you were a magnet to my soul, and seeing you here tonight…it’s a dream come true.” – Chris

Kaitlyn and Chris’ story is full of love, heartache, and left me with mixed emotions.  As much as I wanted her to be with Chris, I loved her relationship with Michael too.  I could feel how torn she was between the two. I wanted her with her family but yet, boy did I love Chris!!  This is not your typical reunion and in the end, it was certainly not what I had thought was going to happen but yet it worked and made for one of the best reads in a while and certainly brought me more than I bargained for.  I give it 4.5 stars and encourage you that if you want something completely different, then this is it!!

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