Review: Running Back to You (Running #1) by Suzanne Sweeney

Running Back to You (Running, #1)Juliette Fletcher is a girl with a plan. Not one to sit back and wait for life to happen, she moves back home after graduation and begins to carve out a life for herself.
Evan McGuire is desperate for a fresh start. His career in the NFL depends on it. Years of partying and carefree living have caught up with him. After buying a beach house in need of renovations, he begins to rebuild his life and his reputation. 
What Evan doesn’t expect is a chance meeting with Juliette out on an early morning beach run with her dog. A strong mutual attraction draws them together, but fear of scaring her away keeps Evan from revealing his true identity. Evan finds himself in an unfamiliar situation – forced to work harder than he ever has before to prove himself worthy of her affections. 
Tragic misunderstandings and unexpected obstacles threaten to derail a fragile relationship. Someone is watching, waiting, and tormenting Juliette, desperate to destroy everything. Can they find the strength to overcome jealousy, insecurity, and fear before it’s too late?
ARC provided by author.


So it has been several days since I finished this book and I'm still not sure how to rate it. I finally decided on 3.5 to 4 because I felt like the beginning was a 3, the middle 4 to 4.5 and the end 3 again. Overall I enjoyed the story and thought it was creative. My problem was more in the delivery. I felt like the beginning of this book dragged a little bit and certain parts were too descriptive. For instance I didn't think it was necessary to always tell what song they were listening to or what she was cooking and talking about it in detail. I'm sure other readers might enjoy this but I didn't connect with it and it slowed the book down for me. I understand that cooking plays a huge part in Juliette's life but I didn't want to read about how she made every meal. The middle of the book was the best part for me. Once Juliette and Evan meet the story picks up. I loved how they met and really appreciated how the relationship developed. It didn't feel rushed like so many other books I have read lately. Plus there are some really steamy sex scenes that were very well written. The supportive characters play a huge part in this book and I think they helped with the story. You actually got to connect with them. I really loved the mystery to this book it was so much more than a romance novel. Just when I thought I had it figured out it went in another direction. Overall I enjoyed the book and will most likely read the other books in the series. I felt like the writing got better throughout the book and I look forward to reading more work from Suzanne.


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