Review: Save Me by LJ Baker

Andi was doing just fine on her own. Sure the world had been hit with an outbreak that turned anyone infected into flesh eating zombies. Not to mention that everyone she ever loved was now dead. She was alive though, taking care of herself. She had little desire to indulge in building relationships with anyone. People just couldn't be trusted. Whether they screwed you over intentionally, or just managed to get themselves killed, no one stuck around for very long. She didn't need anyone else either. That was until Will showed up to save her.

Will, with his sparkling green eyes, lips you just wanted to taste, and insanely adorable crooked smile, wasn't letting Andi get rid of him so easily. Yet still, Andi did everything she could to push her feelings, and Will, away. The more time they spent together though, the more difficult that became. In a world where another day was not something you could count on, wasting even a single moment, could mean missing out on your only chance for happiness.


This review will sound conflicted because it is indeed a conflicted review. My thoughts are that lost on the matter. Save Me is a zombie apocalypse romance novel. It started off well. The description was good but I failed to connect with the main heroine. A few things bothered me. How she met the hero and took him back to her place after a year of not being there bothered me. It bothered me because here was this perfectly good sheltered place that she could’ve been living in for the past year and instead she wasn’t? I don’t get that. She had solar panels and a basement stocked full of supplies and weapons. I just don’t see someone leaving a place that sheltered with protection during a zombie apocalypse no matter the bad memories. So once there… they connect… she’s blind to his attraction and affection. More characters come into play and she starts getting jealous and then he starts getting jealous of the affection she’s getting from another secondary character. For an apocalypse novel there was way too much whining and not enough blood, guts and glory. Now, even though the story itself didn’t capture me; the writing did. It was actually pretty flawless. Word usage was superb. That is where I will sound conflicted. But it’s the truth, the writing was good enough to keep me reading the story even though it wasn’t for me. If the book would have been longer and less whiny with more connection… I would be dubbing this a 5 star read. This Author is one to watch because if this writing is applied to a longer, less rushed story… it will be a five star read I’m sure of it. I imagine this is only the beginning for this author and I will look forward to reading more. This is just my opinion; this review is… just that. My opinion. Look forward to seeing more.



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